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The most commonly abused drugs may be in your medicine cabinet

The most commonly abused drugs may be in your medicine cabinet
Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death in our homes, offices and communities. While home safety procedures such as fire alarm installation or keeping household cleaners away from children are obvious measures to take, most people […]

Why men have a higher risk of death from alcohol abuse

Why men have a higher risk of death from alcohol abuse
During Men’s Health Month, which takes place in June, we want to tackle health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. That includes understanding the negative effects of excessive alcohol use specifically on men’s bodies.

Men’s and women’s addictions to […]

The “What If’s”

The “What If’s”
The pain of being a loved one of someone who is struggling with addiction is real! As our hearts get broken over and over again, our mind often flashes back to the “what if’s” of life and choices. Some of the most common are:

What if I had not let them go on […]

The Best Time to Begin is Now

The best time to begin is now
In today’s society, there are so many misunderstandings surrounding addiction. Inaccurate information often causes people and their loved ones to remain enslaved to addiction instead of taking the first step to getting help.
3 Truths to Consider about Recovery
Deception: Always consider that one of the powers of addiction is deception. […]

Hope vs Disappointment

Loving a person enslaved by addiction often feels like a never-ending emotional rollercoaster. Hope constantly fights against disappointment. Individuals who love someone with addiction often struggle, viewing life differently than those who do not have the challenges of addiction in their lives. Most often those who abuse drugs and alcohol hurt those around […]

Tension in Addiction

Tension in Addiction Recovery
The world is full of opposing forces, tensions. They are at work in each and every life. Life’s pressures push and pull all of us. But those in active addiction often self medicate just to get through the day. Everyone desires to be in a constant state of peace and tranquility. Many […]

Just Get Started

Just Get Started
Deciding to get sober and choosing a life of freedom from the bondage of addiction is one of the most important decisions anyone will ever make. The decision to make recovery a priority begins with the hardest step JUST GET STARTED. The beginning of any important journey always has its difficulties. Every journey […]

Pick your neighbors

Pick your Neighbors

Research proves that successful recovery achieved more often when someone becomes a part of a community of like-minded people. A group where sobriety is modeled and expected. The power of staying in connectivity and proximity helps develop the needed life and relationship skills to survive and thrive. Community and friendship are healing environments for […]

Three C’s of Recovery

The Three C’s of Recovery

To live a life free from the pain and suffering of addiction is the hope that keeps us all open to changing and growing. Addiction hijacks a person’s hierarchy system and priorities by causing them to chase an empty promise instead of a life of meaning and purpose. It takes Courage, […]

Connection vs Addiction

Connection vs Addiction
The human connection is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Addiction works to contaminate and pervert the meaningful relationships we have with loved ones. To connect and share a moment where two people are fully present, fully engaged in the “who” of the other person is powerful. When we can capture […]