Recovery Yes’s and No’s

Recovery Yes’s and No’s

Sometimes I feel like if I say No one more time I will die, but I now know this to be a lie. It’s like we have a limited amount of No’s each day and sometimes we run out of them before the day is even close to being over. In recovery, […]

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab: What’s the difference?

When looking into addiction treatment programs, it’s important to know the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. While both programs have a lot in common, inpatient rehabilitation patients live at the treatment center. Whereas outpatient rehabilitation patients live at home. At Bradford Health, we offer both types of programs to meet the diverse needs of […]

Back to School and Drugs – How to Be Proactive in Preventing Drug Use

For most teens, going back to school evokes all kinds emotions, from excitement to fear and anxiety. School also brings increased stress due to peer pressure. It’s not surprising that the teenage years are when kids begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Bradford Health is reminding parents to have a heightened awareness and take these […]

Marijuana: it’s more dangerous than you think

Is Marijuana Dangerous?  While marijuana has been a hot topic lately marijuana is still an addictive drug that has harmful effects, that can cause brain impairment, addiction, hallucinations, Loss of IQ, and mental illness.  At Bradford Health, we’re reminding people of the risks and dangers of marijuana abuse.

Brain impairment
Marijuana contains a mind-altering chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). […]

Bradford Medical Director Receives Prestigious Industry Designation

Bradford Medical Director Receives Prestigious Industry Designation
Dr. Michael Wilkerson recognized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine as a Fellow due to his significant contributions to the field of addiction medicine
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – August 7, 2017 – Bradford Health Services is pleased to announce the designation of Corporate Medical Director Dr. Michael Wilkerson as a […]

Outpatient Therapy Prevents Relapses

Whether you are just starting treatment or transferring from another level of care, Relapse is something everyone fears. At Bradford Health, we do everything in our power to help minimize relapses. Staying connected to the treatment process through our Intensive Outpatient Program allows patients and families to get the help they need conveniently close to […]

The Power of Family in Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has ever had a loved one with an addiction problem knows that it affects the whole family. However, when it comes to treatment, families don’t always get involved. “There’s a mindset that it’s the addict’s problem. They’re the one that needs to get it fixed and deal with it,” says Jeremy Rakes, MSW, […]

Polysubstance Dependence: Signs, Symptoms and Help

Sometimes you instinctively know something isn’t quite right with a friend, a family member or colleague. You suspect potential drug or alcohol use but you feel helpless and don’t know how to approach the subject. In this article, we’ll give you some important information about what is called polysubstance dependence, signs to look for, and […]

Teen Summertime Substance Abuse

Teen Summertime Substance Abuse – Teen Drug use Increases in the Summer 


Sun, fun, sand, pool, friends and hot weather add up to any teenager’s summer dream. More free time and less adult supervision can make summertime an exciting time for many young people and we want to encourage them to have fun during the school […]

Bradford Health Services Announces a Partnership with Red Oak Recovery

Bradford Health Services Announces a Partnership with Red Oak Recovery

Birmingham, AL (July 5, 2017) – Bradford Health Services (“Bradford”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Red Oak Recovery and The Willows at Red Oak Recovery (collectively “Red Oak”), a leading provider of trauma-informed substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for young adults across the country.

The […]